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Cashmere recycling

Creating a new product starts with you!

Cashmere recycling, safeguarding our limited resources.
It’s not for everyone.
We started almost as a game, but now

Buy recycled products, do your part, start with a little.

materia prima 100% cashmere riciclato
Old knitwear 100% Cashmere

Raw material selection

The raw material is divided by colour.
This is to ensure that no chemical coloring additives are added.
The subdivision is made on the basis of the material found and then subdivided by degree of colour.


Impurity control

Let’s move on to the stage of checking and cutting impurities.
All done strictly by hand, stitch by stitch, piece by piece.
All the pieces are placed in bags divided by color, ready to pass to the fraying machine.

materia prima 100% cashmere riciclato
materia prima 100% cashmere riciclato

The fraying

In this step, the various cashmere scraps are placed on a master conveyor, to start 2 more steps.
1) will be further cut into small pieces
2) Finally frayed by a studded roller inside the fraying machine.

The mechanics

In other words, the result of the fraying is placed in large bags passed through the press and blocked by straps ready to be transported to the spinning mill.

materia prima 100% cashmere riciclato
fiocco di 100% cashmere rigenerato

This is an example of frayed cashmere in “La Meccanica” jargon.

Ready to be taken to spinning, where the real miracle happens.
A new yarn!

SPIN “100% Cashmere”

The frayed raw material is taken to spinning,
to take shape again, becoming a 100% recycled Cashmere yarn, ready to be transformed into a fantastic sweater or accessory with a very low environmental impact.

Filatura Cashmere
The Yarn
cartella colore foto
100% Cashmere yarn samples

Thread and Color Chart

Then we create color charts so that you can choose carefully in our SHOW-ROOM.

The choice of your product
100% cashmere

With a huge collection of samples, you can choose what you like most with complete serenity.
With attentive and qualified staff.

stock service 100% cashmere

Leading company in the world of wholesale and stock distribution of 100% recycled cashmere knitwear 100% Made in Italy.

Productions and stocks since its birth in 1998 we have developed a vast experience in the world of fashion, developing and exploiting the great experience in the search for high quality raw materials.

We welcome you. With us you will find everything that is men’s / women’s knitwear, accessories such as scarves, hats, gloves, knitwear, blankets, all in the top of the yarn; Which? Our 100% cashmere.
Our garments are produced cyclically and are available in our stock-service.

We offer ourselves through our B2B platform, you can buy as if you were here with us, you can choose by size/color/model, or by making an appointment in our Show-Room located in Cesena.

We provide a wide and incredible choice of products made from our 100% recycled cashmere yarn.

With us you will surely find the knitwear you were looking for for your resale, among the few remaining wholesalers to have a warehouse ready for delivery, we have become an excellent point of reference both in Italy and in Europe.

With a simple click you can buy from a few pieces to large lots. But remember you can always make an appointment to visit us, and buy directly in our Show-Room.
If we haven’t convinced you, well, all you have to do is make an appointment and visit us, only in this way you will be able to see with your own eyes what we are talking about, you will be able to touch our products, and then you will be able to give your opinion!