Shipments both in Italy and in Europe are made by BRT / DPD / FEDEX. courier.

The costs of a shipment to Italy “unfortunately considering all the increases” costs is about 25/28 euros for a box of 50/60 knitwear, excluding insurance, which is to be counted separately with the customer’s right to request it or not.

While for a European EU shipment “unfortunately considering all the increases” costs is about 45/54 euros for a box of 50/60 knitwear, excluding insurance, which is to be counted separately with the customer’s right to request it or not.

As required by the laws that govern trade, all shipments of are accompanied by  official invoice/cmr declaring the value of individual items in Euro.
For items in the balance bill indicates the amount discounted.

Orders are shipped from, Monday to Friday with hours 10:00 to 17:00.
Orders placed during weekends will be processed from the nest Monday morning.

At the time the order is shipped, sends its customers an e-mail containing the tracking number provided by BRT / DPD / FEDEX.

Customers can track the status of their shipment BRT / DPD / FEDEX on site, by simply entering the number of its ships in the “Your Order”. The web page displayed will show the movement and exact date of your shipment.

Upon arrival of the goods, customers are requested to carefully inspect the package when a signature proof of delivery of the shipment.

The packs are carefully packed in a plastic seal and with adhesive tape with a security key.
If for any reason, the package appears tampered with or if the tape is not intact, the Clients are asked to sign the receipt, subject, or to refuse delivery.

In the event that the shipment is accepted with a signature is not authorized or there is evidence of tampering of the package, customers are asked to report the incident immediately and contact the local BRT/DPD/FEDEX office and informt by mail

If for any reason delivery can not be successfully delivered to the address provided by the customer in the commercial contract, the package may be returned to sender at the expense of the Customer.

These amounts will be deducted from any refund due to you by
All customers who place an order establishing a business relationship with and therefore undertake to accept delivery of your parcel.

If for any reason the Customer refuses delivery of the shipment or requests the return to the sender, any shipping costs will be charged by to the Customer, and will therefore be deducted from any refund due to the Customer. shipments are not insured against theft and accidental damage or otherwise. So it is important that, if the customer wants to use this service, please select it during the order checkout phase, “for example (BRT Italy + Insurance), or if the shipment is destined for Europe (DPD + Insurance) or (FEDEX + Insurance).

It should be remembered that goods always travel at the risk of the customer. “Except in cases where it explicitly requests a total insurance coverage of the value” always charged to the customer.

Once the shipment arrives at destination insurance becomes invalid.


We advise you to always insure the shipment. In the event that you decide not to insure the shipment and damage, loss or theft occurs, it will not be possible to request any refund from us or the courier, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR SHIPPING. 



Find out the shipping costs divided by geographical area. Rates are calculated based on the weight/volume and destination country of the order.
We remind you that the rates shown here do not include insurance “which we usually recommend”.
We are not responsible for shipments

You are not obliged to choose one of our couriers, obviously you are free to choose a courier you trust.

The ITALY* rates shown here are valid for all of our peninsula including the islands. 

Italy rate*              Cost Idea of weight/volume 
0-15 Kg€ 28about 50 pieces
15-30 Kg€ 56about 100 pieces
30-45 Kg€ 84about 150 pieces
45-60 Kg€ 112about 200 pieces
60-75 Kg€ 140about 250 pieces
75-90 Kg€ 168about 300 pieces
100 Kg€ 196about 350 pieces




EUROPE1* includes: Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Czech Rep., Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Norway.

Europe rate1*        Cost Idea of weight / volume
0-15 Kg€ 54about 50 pieces
15-30 Kg€ 108about 100 pieces
30-45 Kg€ 162about 150 pieces
45-60 Kg€ 216about 200 pieces
60-75 Kg€ 270about 250 pieces
75-90 Kg€ 324about 300 pieces
100 Kg€ 378about 350 pieces




The SWITZERLAND* tariffs shown here are valid for all of Switzerland.
Switzerland rate*      Cost Idea of weight / volume
0-15 Kg€ 80about 50 pieces
15-30 Kg€ 160about 100 pieces
30-45 Kg€ 240about 150 pieces
45-60 Kg€ 320about 200 pieces
60-100 Kg€ 500about 450 pieces


Shipping costs are always borne by the buyer. For shipments to non-EU countries, duties and customs fees may be applied depending on the regulations of the country of destination of the goods. Please contact your local customs office for more information.