Tips and details



Cashmere garments are the most beautiful thing in the knitting industry, keeping a sweater beautiful and fluffy in this fine yarn is not easy as all precious things are delicate. All cashmere items should be washed and stained with specific methods and products, and drying should be done with special care.

Before anything else, when you find yourself having to wash a sweater or any other cashmere garment for the first time, remember to consult the internal label that provides instructions for proper washing, not improvised and do not experiment if you do not want to ruin Your garment. If you do not know how to decrypt the symbols on the label, you can ask them in a dye to explain it, or you can search some guides or dispensations on the internet to learn how to read labels. The second fundamental rule you have to remember is that cashmere needs to be rigorously washed by hand and not wrinkled energetically. Buy a neutral liquid soap of the “Marseille” type or a normal piece of laundry soap always of the “neutral” or “delicate” type; If you want to rely on a specific product for delicate wool and cashmere products, look carefully at supermarket products, reading the detergent labels well and not saving on the cost, a good product to wash cashmere can not be good price.

If your boss is stained, treat the stain before dipping it in a plastic pan with lukewarm water, rub the stain with the dry soap and then moisten a little and rub it again. For a perfect temperature of water around 37 ° C, fine yarn infiltrates both with excessively hot water and with excessively cold water. Leave your bathrobe in the water, where you have previously poured a liquid soap, or grated about 20 grams of solid soap for about 30 minutes. Then remove the soapy water and unfold the garment with always warm water.

So lie gently and without twisting the garment in the wash basin, leave it about 15 minutes so that you drain a little water in the drain.

Then, on a shelf, place a big towel cloth over the linen towel, place the garment well open and stretched out, cover it with the flaps of the towel and fold it back in two and then begin to roll the towel on the shelf where you enclose the towel, Cashmere garment, rolled up but with delicacy without twisting, make a slight pressure on each lap so that the residual water in the garment is “drunk” from the towel.

If the garment is very thick and holds plenty of water, repeat the operation a second time with a dry cloth. Finally, put the garment to dry away from direct heat sources and not hanging because it would sag, but place it on a dry, clean shelf where you have previously put a dry cotton cloth. Once dried, press it down by keeping the iron temperature at idle without activating the steam and not directly on the fabric but placing a clean cotton cloth in the iron plate and the cashmere. Store your garment in a drawer with lavender springs and cedar balls.

Always follow these rules and your cashmere will be eternal.