These General Conditions of Sale (hereinafter referred to as “General Conditions”), govern the contractual relations between the customers of the www.purocashmererigenerato.com site (hereinafter referred to as “Customers”) and www.purocashmererigenerato.com, with

By accessing www.purocashmererigenerato.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”), Customers / Visitors undertake to comply with the General Conditions indicated by the same.
These general contract conditions prepared by www.purocashmererigenerato.com fully effective towards Customers and are understood to be known and accepted at the time of placing the order by the same Customers.
www.purocashmererigenerato.com therefore invites its customers using the ordinary diligence referred to in art. 1341 cod. civ. , to read these General Conditions before placing the order and to read these General Conditions every time they visit the website www. www.purocashmererigenerato.com, possibly having some of the provisions contained in these General Conditions to undergo changes over time.
www.purocashmererigenerato.com and Customers can derogate by mutual agreement pursuant to art. 1342 cod. civ. , these General Conditions, any agreed exceptions must for the purpose of their validity and effectiveness pursuant to art. 1352 cod. civ. , be expressly in writing in the absence of which are understood as not affixed and non-existent.
The customer order has an irrevocable proposal value pursuant to art. 1329.
By placing the order, customers also declare that they are aware of these General Conditions in all their parts and accept them for the whole. Without the possibility of making exceptions outside those permitted by law and / or by these conditions.
Validation of the order, renunciation of proposing exceptions, conclusion of the contract
The contract is concluded pursuant to and for the effects provided for by art. 1326 cod. civ. , when www.purocashmererigenerato.com communicates on-line to the respective e-mail addresses of the Customers the validation of their order which will take place through the validation e-mail after checking the availability of the product and the advance payment made in the method chosen by the customer.
www.purocashmererigenerato.com undertakes in any case to promptly communicate to customers the validation of the order or its non-acceptance in the event that the product is not available or in the event that the payment in the manner chosen by the customer has not taken place.
Lacking any obligation for www.purocashmererigenerato.com to conclude contracts and recognizing and accepting the Visitors / Customers of the site, the contractual freedom of www.purocashmererigenerato.com itself is therefore excluded any right of the Visitors / Customers to compensation for damages or compensation, as well as any contractual or non-contractual liability for direct or indirect damage to people and / or things, caused by the non-acceptance, even partial, of an order. So with the sending of the order, the Visitors / Customers declare to be aware of the possibility that www.purocashmererigenerato.com does not accept their order and at the same time renounce to make any claim among those indicated above and / or others similar .
If the customer is a consumer (i.e. a natural person who purchases the goods for purposes not related to his professional activity), once the online purchase procedure is completed, he is obliged to print or save an electronic copy and in any case keep these general conditions of sale, in compliance with the provisions of art. 3 and 4 of Legislative Decree 185/1999 on distance selling.
Place an order
Via the Internet on the website www.purocashmererigenerato.com – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Once the order has been placed, an email will be sent to customers to confirm their registration. An e-mail will then be sent containing the details of the payment chosen by the customer only if the product is available.

Guarantees and indication of product prices
On www.purocashmererigenerato.com only branded and top quality products are offered for sale. These products are purchased directly from the Seller from manufacturers and retailers carefully selected for their rigorous quality controls. The seller does not sell used products, irregular or of inferior quality to the corresponding standards offered on the market.
The essential characteristics of the products are presented on www.purocashmererigenerato.com within each product sheet. However, the images and colors of the products offered on www.purocashmererigenerato.com may not correspond to the real ones due to the Internet browser of the monitor used.
All products come with an identification tag.

We ask you not to remove the tag from the products purchased, of which they form an integral part.

Intellectual property rights
The contents of www.purocashmererigenerato.com, such as, by way of example, the works, the images, the photographs, the dialogues, the music, the sounds and the videos, the documents, the drawings, the figures, the logos and any other material, in any format, published on www.purocashmererigenerato.com, including menus, web pages, graphics, colors, schemes, tools, fonts, and web design, diagrams, layout, methods, the functions and software that are part of www.purocashmererigenerato.com are protected by copyright and by any other intellectual property right of www.purocashmererigenerato.com and other rights holders.
The reproduction, in whole or in part, of any form of www.purocashmererigenerato.com of its contents is forbidden, without the express consent of www.purocashmererigenerato.com.

Trademarks and domain names
www.purocashmererigenerato.com is the exclusive owner of the logos and registered trademarks www.purocashmererigenerato.com Clothing and any other distinctive sign that includes the word www.purocashmererigenerato.com including the domain www.purocashmererigenerato.com.
All the other distinctive signs that distinguish the products sold on www.purocashmererigenerato.com and present on the website are registered trademarks of their respective owners and are used within www.purocashmererigenerato.com for the sole purpose of distinguishing, describing and advertising the products. on sale.
www.purocashmererigenerato.com and all the other owners of registered trademarks have the right to make exclusive use of the trademarks of their respective ownership.
You are not authorized, except with the consent of www.purocashmererigenerato.com and any other owner of registered trademarks, published on the website, to use these trademarks, to distinguish products or services, even if not similar to those of www.purocashmererigenerato.com or others trademark holders.
Most of the brands on the website and referring to sales products are famous and well-known brands to the general public and to each user.
It is in no way permitted to use the said marks and any other distinctive sign on www.purocashmererigenerato.com to take unfair advantage of the distinctive character or renown of these marks or in such a way as to prejudice them and their owners.

Disputes and responsibilities The sales contract between the Customer and www.purocashmererigenerato.com is concluded in Italy and governed by Italian law. For the solution of civil and criminal disputes arising from the conclusion of this distance selling contract, if the Customer is a consumer, the territorial jurisdiction is that of the reference hole of his municipality of residence; in all other cases, the territorial jurisdiction is exclusively that of the forum of the headquarters of www.purocashmererigenerato.com