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Welcome to 

We give new life of the products.

Start with US!  Cashmere recycling, safeguarding our limited resources.
This products is for a responsability persons.

We have started almost as a game into 1998. 

Buy regenerated or recycled products doing your part, can you start with little.

riciclo del cashmere, riuso materia prima, puro cashmere
Cashmere knitwear project - Recycling - Reuse - Reduce
Materia prima 100% cashmere
Frayed Cashmere

All start from here.

The raw material from 100% Cashmere knitted textile waste, reused to create a completely new product!

SPIN THE CASHMERE  100% cashmere


The materials recovered and then frayed are brought to spinning, where the real miracle happens.
It takes shape again, becomes a 100% regenerated cashmere yarn, ready to transform into a new product.

Filatura Cashmere
Campionatura filato cashmere
100% Cashmere yarn samples

Yarns and Colors folder


Then we create a yarn sampling so that you can choose carefully in our SHOW-ROOM.

The choice of your product
100% cashmere

With a huge collection of samples, you can choose what you like most with complete serenity.
With attentive and qualified staff.

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La natura ringrazia
campionatura filato cashmere

About Us

Great assortment of goods, truly incomparable. You can choose from many models, sizes, colors. We 100% recommend it !! Courteous and helpful person
Very helpful person. The cashmere knitwear is really a lot, infinite patterns and colors, very well assorted! I highly recommend it.

PCR is leader Company in the world of wholesaling and stocking 100% pure cashmere Made in Italy, pure cashmere imported. Production and stocks Since 1998 we have developed a vaste experience in the world of fashion.  We are in continuous product research for our customers, continuing to exploit the full potential of our platform. We welcome you. Here you will find all that is men’s / women’s knitwear and accessories, some examples is; scarfs, hats, gloves, knitwear, blankets, all in the top of the yarn; which one? 100% cashmere. Our merchandise are simply in stock in our warehouse; samples, productions, surplus of the past season, or current collections of our production. We propose ourselves through our platform, or through our Show-Room located in Cesena Italy, just fix an appointment. We can offer a choice as wide as it is incredible. Here you will certainly find the knitwear you were looking for for your resale, among the various wholesalers, we have become an excellent reference point both in Italy and in Europe. With a simple click you can buy from a few pieces to large quantity. But remember you can fix an appointment to visit us, and buy directly in our Show-Room, will be a pleaseure for us. Well, If you are not convinced, just one thing you can make, you can fix an appointment and visit our Company. You can see from yourself what we are talking about, you can feel the touch our products with your hands.